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Continental Fashion Designer Lujin Zhang A+ A- Descrisă pe : 2017-06-19 09:54:11

Fashion designer Lujin Zhang is on her way to redefining edgy business attire. Each piece is street style eye candy for any season and destination. As a graduate of Parson’s School of Design, the Mongolian- born garment creative is influenced by the picturesque terrains of homeland. Zhang’s recent and forthcoming collections feature natural colors from the earth, mixed with recycled metals and unlikely embellishments that are embedded to each piece. It’s all about attention to detail with a twist on traditional style.

On the heels of New York Fashion Week, Zhang is currently in China sourcing fabrics, while also gathering inspiration in her studio space, located downtown New York City. Here’s what the life of a cross - continental fashion designer looks like.

What’s a day in New York like, from wake up to bedtime? Can you list from 8 am to 10 pm. By the hour?

Lujin Zhang ‘s New York Schedule

8-9am: I wake up to a scheduled morning phone call with my manufacturers in China. I also feed my cat, have some coffee and breakfast. My favorite spot is MAMAN Soho.

10-12pm: I start to work with the team and also do some designing.

12-1pm: Lunch time!

1-3pm: I have a few meeting with PR and production companies because Fashion Week is always near!

3-4pm: I spend time to read about design and art online or go to a library.

4-6pm: Fitness club in the building

6-10pm: Happy Hour! I love to have drinks with friends and socialize with industry insiders. My favorite spot is Freemans and The Beekman Hotel.

What do you like about New York?

I like all the diversities the city attracts. I like how it’s a trendy and creative environment for artists.

MW: Where do you find inspiration?

From the conflict of dislikes and details in everyday life.

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