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FIFA 16: I hate this reasoning A+ A- Descrisă pe : 2015-11-11 04:25:04

If I choose to spend my 'hard earned money' on FIFA, I expect to be able to play against other players fairly. We're not demanding anything extra from EA. Your reasoning is like going to a restaurant and finding a hair in your soup, then the waiter saying 'If you don't like the restaurant, don't come here'. Of course I'm not going to buy FIFA 16 for PC not but how would I have known that it would have been this fucked when I bought 15 back in September?


Read the original comment in this comment thread. What you are saying is right, but its not the same case here, and your analogy doesn't fit the situation. This is like going to a restaurant and complaining that they aren't serving a particular cuisine or complaining about the quality of the food when its a trashy/cheap place.


There's what, at least 200k users on PC? Might be less than a tenth of the combined number of users on the consoles but it's not tiny with top fifa coins, we're talking about at least 10 million dollars worth of copies sold, and probably much much more.


FIFA 15 sold 5 million units at launch, which means PC sales account for less than 5% of total sales. It's tiny in that PC represents very small portion of the revenue they make from selling FIFA. Remember that PC didn't get a proper current gen FIFA until FIFA 11 and we didn't get current gen FIFA last year either. It really isn't big enough for EA to actually care about PC any more than they do now. Bottom line is, If they have the resource/manpower to put on fthe ranchise, it's not going to go to PC, it's going to console. And I highly doubt that they would hire a team, or let alone a single extra staff to deal with cheating on PC.


Sadly even with futscope method it's incredibly annoying and hard to find real player in past few weeks. Yesterday I was connected with trainers 26 times before I face normal player. Funniest thing is when You leave match (in before match lobby) too many times in a short amount of time then You can't find any match until You re enter FUT and theres always something like THIS that you have to fill. So I'm flagged like this few times a day and I'm spending 15-30 min to find player to play. Also FUT on pc got terrible market so experience is even worse without fifa ultimate coins. I'm 100% sure EA got stats of people who got impossible win ratio and will be easy to find every glitcher but they don't care at all (I faced +100 ppls with ~5000 wins and only few loses and they are still "playing" without any ban - it's pathetic).